Lee Hyun Woo ♥



Age : 17 yrs old ( 18 in Korea )

Birthday : March 23, 1993

Horoscope : Aries

Proffesion : Actor

Hobbies : Computer games, football, basketball, seunowoobodeudeung

Website : Cyworld

Career :

– TV Series: KBS2: Gallery Champion Flooring(sadahamyeok) 2006

– SBS: Lobbyist (Song Il gimjuhoyeok a child) 2007

– MBC: The Legend (Blue Dragon, sinbihansonyeonyeok) 2007

– KBS1: King Sejong (Sejong a child), 2008

– KBS: Feature Drama (knowing he would regret in life

– Commit work in) – jeongukyeok 2008

– MBC: back Iljimae – Turn Station 2009

– MBC: The Best of Queen (Kim Yushin a child) 2009

– MBC: bapjwo – tomiyeok 2009

– KBS2: study uisin – hongchanduyeok 2010

– 0 Tues: Holly Day (Lee Seong-jae a child) 2006

– Hwang Jin Yi (Yoo Ji-tae a child) 2007

– Jeonju International Film Festival (Do you like beef) 2010


– X-CANVERS 2005 year (right, left)

– Busan milk in 2005 (Daekwallyong)

– Coca-Cola in 2006 (Cha, yidonggukpyeon)

– Pebeurijeu 2006 (comforter, couch, uniforms)

– Snowball 2006 (Bus)

– Hanppuri 2007 (Australia)

– Smoking campaigns, the Ministry of Health in 2007

– Pebeurijeu 2007 (girlfriend)

– Wangttukkeong 2007 (criminal chatahrapyeon)

– Pebeurijeu 2007 (Family Part 2)

– Non wasangjing 2008

– Jeonggwanjang 2009


– Captain Papa Winter 2006, Fall 2007.

– Winter 2008 spring and summer catalog shoot

– JCB 2009 spring, summer, fall and winter catalog shoot

– Ivy Club 2009 Fall and Winter catalog shoot

– 2010 spring-summer catalog shoot

– Adidas 2010 Spring shooting

Awards :
– 2008 KBS Drama Awards: Young Actor Award (Dae Wang Sejong)
Source : Lee Hyun Woo Official Cyworld

73 Responses to Lee Hyun Woo ♥

  1. treshie28 says:

    woah… I love his pictures there in his profile in nate.. guys I found videos of his interviews just check it out in youtube~!

  2. bloodysakura says:

    saranghae oppa 🙂

  3. bloodysakura says:

    saranghae oppa!♥
    i really like you:)

  4. ega chibi says:

    ilike lee hyun woooooo

  5. ega chibi says:

    saranghae oppa forever ileke you

  6. maya says:

    wah……………………………………….nomo cyeopta..omo~~~~~ oppa guanteng banget dah…nomu choayo….

  7. inaa adil says:

    saranghaeo….lee hyun woo

  8. Max says:

    Hi just a question … is he an only child ? or does he have brothers and sister s ?? sorry judt curious i hope you answer this question ! Thanks !!

  9. Lintang says:

    당신을 사랑합니다 이현우 :*

  10. Riku says:

    huaaaaay!! he is sooooooooooooo kawaii!!!!!!!! he doesnt look like his age at all! he can still sneak in a middle school as a 3rd year and no one would suspect!! waah! he’s cuter than my classmates that are 3 years younger than him!! oh yeah.. how tall is he?

  11. shine blue says:

    you’re so handsome……

  12. shine blue says:

    cho-um pepkasumnida……saranghaeyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Lintang says:

    i like your laugh 😀
    so cute 😉

  14. shine blue says:

    ur tha best guy for me lee hyun woo…


  15. jejemiiahpot says:

    Hi. 🙂 Keep up the good work. ~ 🙂

  16. Roan Vale says:

    i love you very much. 🙂 ❤ :*

  17. lee geong hwa says:

    i love ur new drama ‘MASTER OF STUDY’………..saranghae hubby……..i love ur character n im a big fan of urs i wish u a very gud luck hubby 🙂 :*:p

  18. anisha says:

    wow!!he’s so cute!!!!i ❤ him…

  19. charlotte hyeun says:

    당신은 너무 귀여우 🙂

  20. pku says:

    saranghea odoke oppa

  21. anntoniette says:

    saranghaeyo oppa . i wanna marry you :*

  22. aniyoseyo… first of all i congratulate you for your success. as i said in other comments of your page, you are much better and pure than justin bieber. don’t forget God who made you success, then success wil never leave you. i am also a fan of justin bieber and i am afraid that he would be spoilt. maybe you can help him, as a celebrity..this is just my wishes. helping others is a greatest job on earth. JESUS NEVER FAILS! love you.

  23. looking forwward for your next movies

  24. cherry90 says:

    is @lee_hyun_woo his reali twitter?

  25. kawaiiii :))))))) mua!

  26. MY LHW says:

    Annyeonghaseyo Oppa !!
    Very nice photos,u re very handsome,very sweet …
    My oppa very nice Roleplayer…
    Very nice drama God Of Study and Queen Seon Deok..Very nice movie G-LOVE 2011 :D:D:D:D

  27. Vebia says:

    SarangHae 0opa …!

  28. Jinan Nadhilah says:

    Ih,,, Hyun woo unyu-unyu banget!!!! (Hyun woo you are so cute!!!)

  29. winnie lyn (vanilla ) says:

    oppa Hyun Woo saranghae! you know what I spended 3 years to look for ur real name … Thank God that last september 12 I found out ur name.. I really love ur personality SARANGHAE OPPA LEE HYUN WOO ! ^^

  30. betty lai says:

    Soooo cute~~~~!!!!!

  31. may l33 says:


  32. ayhu says:

    saranghae, I love you ❤

  33. Reicy says:

    I Love You !! oppa !!

  34. Christine says:

    MY (to become) HUBBY!!!! NO TAKES!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!

  35. antonette says:

    he’s really cute
    ilovehim so much:))

  36. cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he’s so cute!

  37. joh says:

    Happy Birthday……….. 😉

  38. sara says:

    ilove you moozh

  39. omomomo, hi Hyunwooholic! let us all unite for Hyun Woo cutiepie! 😀 ❤

  40. kim sung yeon says:

    Annyeong haseyo…
    is that the name of hyunWoo fans.?

    Lets see him at twiiter,

  41. lorraine says:

    you are so cute if im in korea now im gonna hug you but i am in philippines but iam one of the fans to you!
    i hope you were went in the philippines mindanao !

  42. rYeLiC_YaN says:

    lee hyun woo is so cute..,

  43. sira says:

    i luff his Face Mux Mux ❤

  44. LOVEMUSIC143 says:

    you make me crazy….
    you are so cute,adorable……
    내가이 사람에서 당신을 볼 수 바랍니다 .. 하지만, 언젠가는 …
    항상 건강 …

  45. jennifer says:

    I wann met you bt I probably cant cause u live In korea bt one day i will met u when I go Korea (: hope read this I know u have other fans tht like u to bt I hope this gets to u c:

  46. Rion says:

    사랑해오빠!!!! >_<

  47. jane says:

    omg u r so handsome♥

  48. Rion says:

    พี่ฮยอนน่ารักที่สุด !!!!! (#^.^#)

  49. Florencia Arellano says:

    es re liiindoo Lee Hyun Woo y actúa perfectamente … La Argentina Florencia Arellano lo amaaa!! ^.^

  50. annyeong haseyo oppa
    saranghaeyo, we admire you so much,,.. me and my chingu cherrelyn justalero,,your so cool and kyeopta.,,,

  51. Elizabeth says:

    hyunwoo oppa i really like you and love you,i can’t stop thinking ’bout you..saranghae oppa<3 ❤

  52. i love his television series ”to the beautiful you” …..he does his best in portraying his role

  53. thea says:

    your so cute oppa!!

  54. jah mai kah says:

    your so cute <3<3<3


  55. jaren mae seguerra says:

    i love lee hyun woo so much!!!!!!

  56. chaima maya says:

  57. Me says:

    Cutest Person in the world >>>> Bias ❤ I cried in To the beautiful you 😦 Just SO CUTE

  58. i won to enter this fan club? may i enter?

  59. luv y<3o oppa!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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