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27 Responses to Photos

  1. Marjorie says:


  2. Gabriela says:

    hoot. ❤ ❤

  3. Rhara Yunha Lim says:

    i like this website 4eva lee hyun woo face all
    i luv ue……

  4. icy mae says:

    oh” my…tantalizing eyes’ killer short prfect face..huhu” i realy like him!! hope his my soulmate..hihi..nice pic’s ahh..

  5. jin hee says:

    i really like him btw do he have a girl friend?eventually in some pictures (not here) i saw him with a girl…???any body can tell me also where does he study in?? which school??? thanks a loot!!!!!!!!!

  6. pia says:

    very cute

  7. kassandra says:

    sooo cute…love him..:)

  8. kassandra says:

    love him..sooo handsome:)

  9. Lintang says:

    so cute 😉
    love him so much 😀

  10. shara says:

    awesome lol

  11. coleen says:


  12. christi says:

    your so cute and handsome…like!

  13. MY LHW says:

    -Very nice photos
    -Lee Hyun Woo oppa olurdu.Keşke nice to see you in Istanbul for a week, come over here and you could see from the press secretly…

  14. MY LHW says:

    – Very nice photos
    – Hyun Woo-ssi very handsome,very cutee :D:D:D

  15. Jinan Nadhilah says:

    Hyun woo!!!!! I wanna be your girlfriend!!!! 😀

  16. Jinan Nadhilah says:

    Hyun woo !!! I wanna be your girlfriend n your wife 4eva!!! 😀

  17. eli says:

    u are so cuteeeeeeee.

  18. winnie lee says:

    i love u oppa !!!!!!

    -1993- .friends.
    “oh i love you my friend”

  19. Aren says:

    Omg! He’s 1 of my kind he’s awesome.luv u!

  20. winnie lee says:

    sorrry but i already printed out all his photos .. no more latest pics for my oppa ? …. SARANGHAMNIDA LEE HYUN WOO OPPA !!!!!!!!!!! KAMSAHAMNIDA !!!!!!! JOAHAEYO ….

  21. laypeng says:

    omg! he’s so cute!!!

  22. Rhieghan says:

    I think he is not 19YO..his face is too young from his age..jajaja…I think he is only 14..^____^

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